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    N 53 - Auguste's Dream

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     M U S I Q U E

    Top Of The World - Gheorghe Zamfir

    he Strength, I filed the thick bark,

    I gained(won), then, a spread Present,Formerly impaled by disuse,

    I died of decline,

    By the Grace(Favor) of t

    He(It) shines, of my desires(envies) today,

    I caress the Honor of its youth,

    I fly, and never stop,

    To smell these illustrious flavors,

    Which(Who), never, oh big ever, frustrate,

    In my perfumed Dreams,

    I dig as a spoilt child,

    In the sound of a traverse flute,

    I erase the pains of formerly,

    Of the bottom of my golden thoughts,

    In the sweetened sweetish Flavors,

    My Spirit, finally, gets up,

    And the color of my Dreams shines...

    Soaked(Filled) with Magic waves,

    My words write " The New World ",

    And, such "Auguste Le Semeur", * (Victor Hugo)

    I sow(scatter) my confettis of Happiness …


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