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    N°44 - Vogue, small fashion Plucks

    Text of Dan

    in February 11th, 2015 - © Daniel Caterina - All rights reserved

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           Fly me to the moom, Jazz Bossa Piano instrumental

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    Vogue, small fashion Plucks,

    Track, track on your sheet,

    Of the bottom of your page, remove the foam,

    Throw your ink on the Stumbling block,

    Run on the wave of your words,

    Raise the sail of your ship,

    Small boat, along with the current,

    Throw the buoy to those who capsize,

    In the Typhoons which make the embrace,

    Naughty Troubles rock, rock,

    In the Whirlwinds which make the drowning,

    Pour, pour the Big Troubles,

    Give some Love to your text,

    On your beach, leave some space,

    Pose of circumflex accents,

    As arms which intertwine,

    Bathe of words which inspire,

    Fleet, continuous-flow fleet,

    Get drunk of words which make drunk,

    Girl Feather, in the course of streams,

    Get drunk, be allowed get drunk,

    Glide, glide on the bitterness,

    The Truth navigates, navigates,

    Vogue, small fashion Plucks …


    On January 12th, 2015 - © Daniel Caterina - All rights reserved


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