• The She-wolf


    The She-wolf

    Text of Dan

    In March 20th, 2015 - © Daniel Caterina - All rights reserved

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    Kenny G ~ Unchained Melody

    Note aux Créateurs & Créatrices Internet


    In Queen of the Love,

    A Soul the Heart of which banters,

    Beautiful, Beautiful every day,

    As a Dough of Amandine,

    In eyes ray of sunshine,

    Flowery bouquet of watercolor,

    Emerald, reflections of marvels,

    Smile Angélique de Gazelle,

    Draped by pink satin Nobility,

    Transparent blouse in fine laces,

    Flavor(Perfume) of Love, Rose's flavor(perfume),

    Coated with flavors Caramel,

    A breast abundantly mischievous,

    In the curvatures of Maternal love,

    Solemn and divine subtlety,

    Physical pleasant delights,

    Where from firm nipples clock(point,stick),

    Which(Who) catch you within it eternal...

    You become his(her) child, his shoot(offspring),

    You wrap yourself under his(her,its) wing,

    Lips minutely convex,

    Burn your Enthusiasm, you are in his(her,its) boot,

    Extravagant of Sensualism,

    Démone is not foolish,

    She(It) embellishes her(its) greediness,

    You are languishing with her, you hope,

    She(It) seduces you, you are crazy about him(it),

    You imposes you the sweatiness of its Flesh,

    The fever rises, you are hot,

    Your Heart staggers, you become envious,

    His(Her,Its) caresses soak(fill) you and hatch you,

    You flow(sink) in her, you are Delicious, 

    You give way to the Tyranny of The She-wolf!!!


    March 20th, 2015 - © Daniel Caterina - All rights reserved

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